Protective coating

Protective coatings are a simple way to reduce corrosion, by limiting the exposure of the metal to a corrosive environment.

Paint is a very common protective coating, but tar, pitch, bitumen and plastics are also used.

An important consideration for protective coatings is to ensure the coating is well adhered to the metal, and that it remains intact or is regularly repaired/recoated.

A further form of protective coating is to plate a coat of another metal onto the surface of the metal you wish to protect. One type of this coating is known as galvanising, where zinc is plated onto iron or steel. In the case of galvanising, the zinc acts as an anode and corrodes preferentially to the iron or steel.

MES proposes well trained professional coating services crew.

  • In terms of associated coating materials MES proposes HEMPEL epoxy paints manufactured in Denmark for the steel structure coatings. Hempel is # 1 industrial paint used for oil and gas, and marine transportation industry.
  • For extreme worn out and pitted area of metal structures, MES proposes US manufactured ARC ceramic epoxy composite polymers for metal rebuild purpose.
  • For emergency and fast lead time coating purpose, MES proposes Nukote heavy duty polyurea application. Import from USA.

Our capability and distributing rights to performing protective coating with global leading products and solutions

MES is exclusive distributor of ARC Chesterton (US) ceramic epoxy products.
We have permit from Ministry of Environment for importing ARC AW Chesterton products such as ceramic composites, adhesives, epoxies, resins.

  • Authorized and trained distributor of global leader of heavy duty ceramic and epoxy composites from Belzona UK since 2018.
  • Authorized and trained distributor of surface blasting company Clemco GmbH since 2017.
  • Authorized and trained distributor of surface inspection equipment producer, Elcometer UK.
  • Authorized distributor of global leading industrial coating Hempel A/C Denmark

We deliver services 100% compliant to our vendors global standards such as:

  • ISO 9001, 14001, ISO 8501 Corrosion protection standard
  • NORSOK standards (Norwegian Petroleum Industry standard)
  • WRAS (UK water authority standard)