Hempadur 35620

Бэлэн байхгүй

Hempadur 35620 is a solvent-free two component epoxy paint, which cures to a hard and tough coating
with good resistance to abrasion and seawater.

Recommended use:

As a self-priming, high build epoxy for areas subject to a highly corrosive environment. E.g. on pilings,
offshore structures, splash zone and other areas immersed in seawater.

Markets and application:

  • Marine/Marine try dock
  • Marine/Marine new build
  • Marine/Marine seastock
  • Infrastructure/Civil structures
  • Infrastructure/Mining
  • Infrastructure/Bridges
  • Infrastructure/Infrastructure others
  • Oil and Gas/Downstream
  • Oil and Gas/Upstream offshore
  • Oil and Gas/Pipe coatings
  • Rail/Rail
  • Thermal Power/Thermal power
  • Wind/Wind towers

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