Hempadur Multi-Strength 45851

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HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH 45851 is a self-priming, two component high build polyamide/amine cured epoxy paint which cures to an abrasion resistant coating with good resistance to water. It cures down to 0°C/32°F.

Features :

  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Minimum curing temperature 0°C/32°F.
  • Applicable by standard heavy duty airless spray equipment.
  • High sagging resistance.

Recommended use :

As a heavy duty coating resistant to water where a high abrasion resistance level and/or low temperature curing are required. As a universal primer or self-primed high performance anticorrosive coating for atmospheric service. As a finishing anticorrosive coat where a cosmetic appearance is of less importance.

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