Clemco - Classic Blast Machines

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Contractor Blast Machines

Clemco Contractor Blast Machines are tough, versatile, and reliable—which makes sense, because they are built for blasting contractors who need equipment that works as hard as they do. And because contractors can’t be slowed down by unreliable, cumbersome equipment that is difficult to maintain, these machines are mobile, easy to operate, and simple to maintain. They are loaded with standard features that help you get jobs done, such as:

  • An integral, four-wheel, two-axle cart that makes these machines easier to maneuver, even with abrasive in the pot.
  • The cart is constructed from steel-tubing that protects all plumbing, is ergonomically shaped, and doubles as a skid.
  • An integral CPF breathing-air filter directly attaches to the rear of the machines and is protected by the cart’s tubing.
  • Connection points are conveniently located on the front leg of the machines, which simplifies hooking up the blast hose, remote controls, and breathing-air line.

Contractor Blast Machines come with 4-cuft or 6-cuft pressure vessels. The machines are ideal for rental yards and are especially useful for blast and paint contractors, as well as hundreds of other professionals.

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