Hempel's HS Gas Pipe Coating 87831

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Hempel's HS Gas Pipe Coating 87831 is a two-component epoxy polyamine cured coating. Formulated according to the requirements in AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE'S STANDARD RP 5L2.

Recommended use:

As a one-coat system for internal coating of gas pipes designed for carrying of dry, treated gas. The coating is designed to reduce the drag resistance in the pipeline by making the pipe walls smoother.

Markets and application:

  • Infrastructure/Civil structures
  • Infrastructure/Mining
  • Infrastructure/Bridges
  • Infrastructure/Infrastructure others
  • Oil and Gas/Downstream
  • Oil and Gas/Upstream offshore
  • Oil and Gas/Upstream onshore
  • Oil and Gas/Pipe coatings
  • Rail/Rail
  • Thermal Power/Thermal power
  • Wind/Wind towers

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